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Pricing and Trying DoItBlind Scripts in 30 day Trial Version

Now you can try any script in 30 day trial. Experience the latest in JAWS scripting technologies as we cut through the barrier of Blind Accessibility. Download the scripts, install them, run the program, and select the continue trial option in the registration window. Make sure to install the Microsoft XML support first. Enjoy!!!

Blind Tunes, Rhapsody Blind, OneNote Blind, Thunderbird Blind, and Spotify Blind scripts are now $9.95 as the momentum of the site has increased over time. Thanks for your support in continuing to help us grow and strengthen our ties to the community.

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Do It Blind Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide workable solutions to the challenges facing blind and visually impaired customers with the software the rest of the world is using.

DoItBlind Forums and Guides

Please visit this page for all the DoItBlind guides
Now you can experience the latest in blind accessibility with this new forum designed by me, John Martyn! You can post what you'd like to see improve or make new script requests. This forum was designed to be as simple as possible. Please stay on topic and post to the correct discussion group. Click here for the forum

JAWS Script Developers

Like the title suggests, we are the leaders in JAWS script development and Blind Accessibility. Our goal is to provide workable JAWS scripting solutions for even the toughest programs.
DoItBlind forges ahead to find the most advanced solutions for the cutting edge technology and JAWS script programming along with knowledge of API, XML, PHP, SQL, and databases make us the most knowledgeable technical JAWS scripters in the world. Our track record has proven that we know what we're dealing with and are not shy to take on even the hardest solutions out there. With our team of JAWS script developers, we can find a fitting solution for you or your company. Thanks for supporting DoItBlind!

What is a screen reader?

Today, there is a wide gap of accessibility in the blind and print disabled world. Visually impaired computer users are always testing the limits of technology and finding out that the world is just geared toward the sighted. While this is a damper on inspiration and enthusiasm, there is a better future in store for the blind community. Do it Blind focuses on major software manufacturers and helps bridge the gap between accessibility and this technologically driven world. Our focus is to help the visually impaired work towards true accessibility. Powered with the knowledge of over 20 years in the Information Technology industry, our methods of creating blind accessibility continues to thrive making it the fastest growing and most successful of sites to help companies understand that there is a desire for main stream products and websites to be accessible to the visually impaired. With proven techniques of accessibility, Do It Blind has successfully brought tens of thousands of users into the 21st century with intuitive and adaptive solutions to access software the rest of the world is using. Our goal is not to provide constant JAWS accessibility solutions, but to rather work with leading software companies and help redesign these products. It is imperative that these initial accessibility solutions come to life and help companies close the gap on blindness related technology. As with any solution, there are steps to take in helping companies rather than force them to comply with accessibility standards. Given the amount of engineering and design barriers, it helps to understand what a screen reader does for the blind. Most companies are very unaware of this technology and how it works. A screen reader is simply the go between from the program to an audible voice that tells the user what is on the screen and presents them with options of navigation. With a proven track record, and not to mention database tracking methods, this information helps ease the concerns of companies that are willing to take up the challenge of engineering accessibility solutions. Given the amount of success Do It Blind has accumulated, it is not surprising that companies trust that it is profitable and equitable that they should give accessibility a chance. Making this a reality and not just a dream, we strive for excellence in creating JAWS scripting solutions that are robust, effective, and easy to use among the blind or visually impaired and print disabled. JAWS scripts are a wonderful bridge between blind accessibility and can get the company to focus on what needs to change for the program to interface better. Scripts for JAWS are the initial approach to start closing the gap on blind accessibility. While JAWS scripts are not true accessibility, it is the best approach to getting the company's interest. If one thing can be said, it is that we are forging ahead with technology to make this world a better place for the blind world.

Why JAWS scripts?

JAWS scripting solutions are a 3rd party solution to patch the accessibility issues facing the blind community. JAWS script is a language that interfaces between the program and the screen reader. With a JAWS scripting solution, you can see a program come to life and reach the realms of accessibility like never before. It is possible to create JAWS scripting solutions for even the most difficult of software. It just takes skill and innovation to figure out how to make an application behave in a favorable way. Blind Tunes, Rhapsody Blind, Spotify Blind, and OneNote Blind have proven to tens of thousands that it is possible to use an otherwise inaccessible program as well as a semi-accessible program that opens up new worlds. JAWS scripting programs provide the bridge between the keyboard and the screen reader to understand the software.
Today, Do It Blind works with the most popular software companies in achieving their goals and help improve their business practices and gives a whole new image to a company that cares. Moving forward is not a risk, but a good idea as the national statistics prove that there are more independent business owners by percentage among the disabled. What this means for software companies is that they have more drive for independence and a desire to work with the most popular software. The blind community prides itself on independence and the thrill of making it possible for thousands, if not millions, of blind and disabled computer users to engage with the world and reach out with the hopes of achieving the American dream. Currently in the United States alone, there are approximately 12 million blind people that wish to live their life to the best of their abilities. Let's make this happen and make dreams come true.
John Martyn
Founder of

Partnered Sites
An organization dedicated to helping visually impaired individuals live, achieve, and prosper; My Blind Spot is a NPO built to empower individuals with sight related disabilities. They do so through projects aimed at housing, employment, and access to necessary goods and services so that they may achieve greater independence and success in life.

Current and Ongoing Projects

MBS JAWS scripts for QuickBooks - a JAWS for windows script to make QuickBooks, the Windows program accessible to the blind, visually impaired, and print disabled
The QuickBooks Accessibility Initiative is a multi-year, multi-product project to make key components of QuickBooks accessible for people who are blind, visually impaired and print disabled. It is a partnership between My Blind Spot and Intuit that addresses the accessibility and usability needs for people with disabilities.
Please visit FAQ and purchase page

Free Scripts

SuperAntiSpyware - JAWS scripts for the widely used Super anti spware program. It is simple and downloads in zip format.
SoundTaxiBlind - A This program will convert any downloaded music file so that you can transfer it to any blind accessible device or MP3 player. This program works well with RhapsodyBlind, and BlindTunes for iTunes.
GoogleMusicBlind - Now you can manage your google music with this app. It allows you to upload and download all your music from the cloud. Use the control+shift+Z to index the window, tabkeys to move through things and Control tab to switch tabs. Spacebar to activate things. After you activate things, you must press Control shift + Z. After you control tab to switch tabs, use the tab key. The login screen is totally inacessible, so you need someone sighted to log in for you. Once you are logged in, it will stay logged in.

Premier JAWS Scripts and web applications

Dynamic Financial Register - New and powerful, this web application was designed specifically in mind for the visually impaired but powerful enough for the sighted user. It quickly organizes your financial information and even has a free demo to try before you buy. It can categorize all your transactions, and accounts, giving you the edge on daily, weekly, and monthly totals along with a breakdown of categories of where you spend your money. This is an alternate to quicken and is built on the latest of web technology. Tested for over a year, Dynamic Financial Register will change the way you look at finances.
ThunderbirdBlind - The most widely used email client is now available to the blind with sophisticated navigation for ease of use. If you are using anything other than Microsoft Outlook, dump that program and get with this one. It is truly amazing.
OneNote Blind - JAWS scripts for the powerful Microsoft OneNote Note organization program. This program is aimed at schools, Organizations, and businesses in order to be more productive than ever before.
BlindTunes - JFW JAWS For Windows accessibility script for iTunes, the music jukebox program
BlindTunes takes you beyond the basic accessibility of iTunes and greatly enhances capability as well as makes it easy to manage your music library and purchase tracks. From easy to use drag and drop to customizing your playlists including Added support for your iPod or iPhone, rate your music and create your playlists quickly with smart playlist creator. User guides and a quick key shortcut system will make any novice computer user a pro. BlindTunes will be a time saver making navigation a snap.
RhapsodyBlind - JFW JAWS for Windows accessibility script for Rhapsody, the online music subscription service
RhapsodyBlind opens up the world of online music and allows you full access to the popular music service Rhapsody. You can search through millions of songs as well as create your favorite customized playlists. You have easy to use shortcuts that help you through accessing the program and guides to help you complete complicated tasks. You have access to radio stations and drag and drop capability. Import your iTunes music library and sort through thousands of songs as well as advanced search filters, you too, can grasp new music at the power of your fingertips.
SpotifyBlind - JFW JAWS for Windows accessibility script for Spotify, the online music subscription service
Spotify Blind opens up worlds to new music and the database of millions of songs.Subscription is free and great for parties.

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