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What is a JAWS screen reader?

Today, there is a wide gap of accessibility in the blind and print disabled world. Visually impaired computer users are always testing the limits of technology and finding out that the world is just geared toward the sighted. While this is a damper on inspiration and enthusiasm, there is a better future in store for the blind community. Do it Blind focuses on major software manufacturers and helps bridge the gap between accessibility and this technologically driven world. Our focus is to help the visually impaired work towards true accessibility. Powered with the knowledge of over 20 years in the Information Technology industry, our methods of creating blind accessibility continues to thrive making it the fastest growing and most successful of sites to help companies understand that there is a desire for main stream products and websites to be accessible to the visually impaired.

With proven techniques of accessibility, Do It Blind has successfully brought tens of thousands of users into the 21st century with intuitive and adaptive solutions to access software the rest of the world is using. Our goal is not to provide constant JAWS accessibility solutions, but to rather work with leading software companies and help redesign these products. It is imperative that these initial accessibility solutions come to life and help companies close the gap on blindness related technology. As with any solution, there are steps to take in helping companies rather than force them to comply with accessibility standards. Given the amount of engineering and design barriers, it helps to understand what a JAWS screen reader does for the blind. Most companies are very unaware of this technology and how it works. A screen reader is simply the go between from the program to an audible voice that tells the user what is on the screen and presents them with options of navigation. With a proven track record, and not to mention database tracking methods, this information helps ease the concerns of companies that are willing to take up the challenge of engineering accessibility solutions.

Given the amount of success Do It Blind has accumulated, it is not surprising that companies trust that it is profitable and equitable that they should give accessibility a chance. Making this a reality and not just a dream, we strive for excellence in creating JAWS scripting solutions that are robust, effective, and easy to use among the blind or visually impaired and print disabled. JAWS scripts are a wonderful bridge between blind accessibility and can get the company to focus on what needs to change for the program to interface better. Scripts for JAWS are the initial approach to start closing the gap on blind accessibility. While JAWS scripts are not true accessibility, it is the best approach to getting the company’s interest. If one thing can be said, it is that we are forging ahead with technology to make this world a better place for the blind world.

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