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Why JAWS scripts?

JAWS scripting solutions are a 3rd party solution to patch the accessibility issues facing the blind community. JAWS script is a language that interfaces between the program and the screen reader. With a JAWS scripting solution, you can see a program come to life and reach the realms of accessibility like never before. It is possible to create JAWS scripting solutions for even the most difficult of software. It just takes skill and innovation to figure out how to make an application behave in a favorable way. Blind Tunes, Rhapsody Blind, Spotify Blind, and OneNote Blind have proven to tens of thousands that it is possible to use an otherwise inaccessible program as well as a semi-accessible program that opens up new worlds. JAWS scripting programs provide the bridge between the keyboard and the screen reader to understand the software.

Today, Do It Blind works with the most popular software companies in achieving their goals and help improve their business practices and gives a whole new image to a company that cares. Moving forward is not a risk, but a good idea as the national statistics prove that there are more independent business owners by percentage among the disabled. What this means for software companies is that they have more drive for independence and a desire to work with the most popular software. The blind community prides itself on independence and the thrill of making it possible for thousands, if not millions, of blind and disabled computer users to engage with the world and reach out with the hopes of achieving the American dream. Currently in the United States alone, there are approximately 12 million blind people that wish to live their life to the best of their abilities. Let’s make this happen and make dreams come true.

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