Custom JAWS Scripts

CJS are designed as not only a tool to test accessibility but it allows you to access those hard to reach elements that are otherwise inaccessible. It can search for graphics and icons and allow you to focus or click on most anything. CJS is a great and inexpensive way to learn if you need JAWS scripting. Though it doesn’t take over focus events, it will find anything and everything you want in any window and list them perfectly for you. CJS is equipped with the latest is screen reader technology and is for JAWS 15 and up.

Custom Jaws Scripts Guide:

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OneNote Blind

OneNote JAWS scripts are the only way to use the program Microsoft OneNote. For JAWS 15 and up for office 2013 and later, it packs a punch with 5 different programming languages to make this possible. Able to handle most anything in OneNote, it proves to be one of the most valuable tools in the office for note taking.

OneNote Blind Guide:

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